Zodiac sign cancer dating cancer

There’s nothing that makes a Cancer feel more alive than relationships.They love to MOTHER others, naturally protecting, providing, and attending to the needs of those around them FIRST.They are able to identify with the situations of others because of the keenness of their imaginations.They are often over-imaginative and prone to fantasy, sometimes trying to shape their lives to fit some romantic ideal.

I and my siblings helped our mother and grandmother with the planting and enjoyed anticipating the results of playing in the dirt and what we would see, smell and eat.

You see, Cancer, a feminine sign and the natural fourth sign of the zodiac, relates to all fourth house matters – home and hearth, family and feelings.

It’s the only sign ruled by the Moon – the indicator of the emotions…

For this reason, Cancers can be fickle and unpredictable – cracking jokes one minute, weeping at a sentimental dog food commercial the next…

They’ll fall for whoever pays attention to them (even if already in a relationship if they’re not getting lots of energy from their partner).

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This is the sign for whom the home acts as a great part of their living. Besides a horoscope sign that would like to be needed.

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  1. I know four years isn't a huge age difference, but in school everyone matures differently especially between a freshmen and a senior.

  2. Don't you deserve a partner who who those same traits? The navy dating singles including naval officers and seamen who make up our membership base love to work hard, but they also know how to have a good time.