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Click the links below to open the specific Settings Manager panel that you want.The Settings Manager that you see on the page is not an image; it is the actual Settings Manager.Here are instructions for updating the copy of Flash Player on your Mac.These instructions should work with Flash version 10.3 or higher and OS X 10.6 or higher.

In its most recent incarnations, the software can install itself without user interaction.More advanced versions would install quietly in the background with no password needed. The simple answer is that the software was designed to do exactly that.In its initial incarnation, the malware looked very similar to Adobe's Flash installer.It’s also important to point out this is not a permanent solution , thus the older version of the plugin will continuously become disabled by OS X as a security precaution.That means you’ll have to update the Flash plugin manually every time you see that message, then relaunch Safari. Send us an email, hit us up on twitter, facebook, Google , or post a comment!

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, a widely used plug-in for streaming video and interactive applications that Apple no longer ships on its computers.

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