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Taylor Lautner still looks like the hottest wolf in the jungle, albeit with a beany in this photograph, arm proprietorially over Benson’s shoulder.

Of course adding fuel to the fire is that fact that Benson and Lautner have been spotted seeing each other socially before at a fancy LA restaurant back in 2013. Lautner was dating Selena Gomez at the time though, leading to fan rumors (via Even though Lautner’s rep just confirmed with Hollywood Life that the two are not dating, we kind of wish they were.

The humor involving Lautners character still is juvenile, but it at least doesnt involve fart jokes, making most scenes he is in serve as a welcome reprieve".

His character is completely over-the-top, and the performance fits it, with over-long handshakes, a back flip every seven seconds, and the proper amount of loathable cockiness. "I'm shooting this movie 'Tracers' with Taylor Lautner, doing all my own stunts, and I rolled it during my workout doing squats." , - , :) , , :) , , - . v=Ln YNd MZPEG4&feature=player_embedded :wow:"My first big love scene, I just did actually with Taylor Lautner on Tracers.

They might not be dating yet, but they are sure hanging out a lot.He has distant Native American ancestry from his mother’s side. In 2008, he first portrayed Jacob Black in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight film series. His fans can connect with him on Facebook and Instagram. Short Description Of Logan Paul: Logan Paul is a social media sensation famously noted for his amazingly successful Facebook account, which has amassed over 13 million likes.In 2009, Lautner was voted one of People magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People”. Paul draws a large amount of energy and high production value to each (Read more)….Taylor Daniel Lautner was born on February 11, 1992 to Deborah and Daniel Lautner.He grew up in Hudsonville, Michigan, and has a younger sister Makena.

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