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We decided the place that was most special to both of us was my family cabin in northern Minnesota.

"There was a big myth back when I was growing up that, fortunately, has been dispelled," said Michael Broder, psychologist, author and speaker. From orgasmic meditation to live web cams to Burning Man, Witt jettisoned her inhibitions and dove into the underbelly of modern day carnality, a journey detailed in her new book . For 30-something author Emily Witt, the end of a relationship in 2011 presented an opportunity for sexual experimentation."It's that 'when you get married it'll all be OK' - nothing can be further from the truth.And now the word's out." We wanted to do an in-depth segment on couples counseling after we had listener interest during a previous show.

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Protege: Prince and Vanity on a 1983 Rolling Stone cover (right).

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