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These sacrifices can translate into increased risk for accidents and injuries; greater chronic fatigue, stress, and related diseases; reduced parenting and family time; and diminished quality of goods and services – a serious public concern particularly in the health care sector.The social costs associated with the growth in work hours and persistent overtime are particularly worrisome when the long hours are involuntary.Consider Although in many cases it’s legal to require employees to work long overtime hours, it’s generally not a good practice.The quality of employees’ performance will likely plummet if they’re feeling over worked.Immediate answers appear to be “yes,” but managers are advised to proceed with caution.While the work is important to the business, employees are needed to complete each task.

But these laws don’t limit the amount of hours that can be put in each day. In California, employees can’t be disciplined or fired for refusing to work more than 72 hours in a week.In Maine, an employer can’t require workers to put in more than 80 hours of overtime in any consecutive 2 week period.If you’re mandating your employees put in overtime, it’s advisable that you double-check your state’s laws for any potential limitations.In virtually every industry within the bellweather manufacturing sector, overtime had reached a record by the end of the 1990s.The growth in overtime work, while helping to drive the healthy growth in output in the U. It is taking its toll not only on workers, but on their families, communities, and, ultimately in many cases, patients, customers, and employers.

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The cumulative rise in time on the job is even higher, of course, for families. Almost one-third of the workforce regularly works more than the standard 40-hour week; one-fifth work more than 50 hours.

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