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When someone puts in work and writes the actual code and then tests it and proposes it here, then it might.

In reality, Keybase and Tor are two totally and completely opposite ideals.

https://ethereum.org/ I just learned something interesting. knows who you are and (depending on the nature of the hidden service) who you're talking to.It's likely that the USB port the Killer is plugged in to is destroyed, and the computer's motherboard would probably take some damage too.reports, the hard drive and CPU probably escape the worst of the effects, so it could be possible to retrieve some data from the hard drive of the broken machine.If you have suggestions on how to process a suggested proof, please open a new issue so it can be discussed in depth. Net would be to garner attention/good will prior to using https://net to gauge interest/funding of all other profile types.Possible revenue stream letting users put money where their priorities are re: additional proofs. @ewust To be honest, there's no way to publicly auditably prove email address ownership with key ownership. I'll look into starting some code in the keybase-proofs project but I'll be slow to get to it.

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