Consolidating databases best practices

Of course just few sentences won’t qualify you for a story teller so I’ll use 1000 characters as a guideline threshold to qualify for a draw but I won’t follow it blindly — insights into your consolidation project is what counts! You get time until tomorrow (at the time of writing) – pm EST 18-Jan-2011. Most recently, Alex built a Big Data Engineering services team and established a Data Science practice.

Addressing the items I mentioned would be great but if you don’t have the whole picture, you might miss some of it so just tell us your story. Today, the CTO office is an incubator of new services and technologies – a mini-startup inside Pythian.

In the crusade to cut expenses, Data Centres (and IT Infrastructure) are now coming under scrutiny as a possible source of savings.

Half-informed executives now rally behind the cry of "Virtualization!

", but virtualization is only part of the story - The tip of the consolidation iceberg - and it might not actually save you as much as you thin. As more and more companies are looking to trim their operating expenses, many are looking at their data centers as a place where they can find some savings.

Expected time-frame and whether you are done by now. Each instance then needs maintenance, temp, undo, redo, online backups, DR-allocation and so on. Since Hyperion accesses the DW anyway, a cross-schema access is much faster and much less troublesome than a db-link access.

Nobody wanted to touch things for fear of disrupting the systems that were running just fine ‘as-is’.

Yet as virtualization technology becomes commonplace, more and more executives are now turning a hungry eye to their infrastructure without necessarily grasping the full spectrum of consolidation possibilities, which is what I’m about to explain.

This tremendous pressure to operate your data centers as efficiently as possible often means converting as many physical servers as possible to virtual servers, but virtualization alone is not the end of the story!

There are other ways to reduce your costs as part of a broader server consolidation strategy.

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One of the important components in the IT environment is the database.

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